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Cherry blossom Gi

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🌸 Cherry Blossom Gi được TheGis lấy cảm hứng từ loài hoa anh đào với vẻ đẹp thanh cao nhưng mang trong mình một nghị lực phi thường. Hoa chỉ nở rộ 1 tuần và nương theo cơn gió rời cành theo cách rực rỡ nhất. Điều này tựa như khí chất của mỗi người phụ nữ, luôn mang trong mình một nội lực mạnh mẽ, phi thường đáng trân trọng.

🌸 Cherry Blossom gi is a Preorder product. First come first served. Only 20pcs available, Free ship in Vietnam and One-year warranty.
Each Gi will be tailor make to fit each customer's body type.
Preorder only.

Cherry Blossom belong to the premium Training Gi line 

The jacket features 300gsm 'canvas' - 100% cotton fabric. Pants made with 300gsm -100% cotton
Preshrunk ensures this gi will not shrink an inch. 

Double reinforced knee padding and reinforce stitches on the armpit and pant crutch create strength and durability without torn when fighting

  • Jacket: Light Pink 300gsm canvas weave - 100% cotton
  • Pant: Light Pink 300gsm - 100% cotton
  • Double knee pad
  • Pre-washed cotton, for minimal shrinkage
  • Reinforce stitches on the armpit and pant crutch
  • Direct embroidery on shoulder
  • Seamless tape on arm, leg, back and lapel
  • Woven tag
  • Embroidery tag
  • Thick string core - Double knot

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3 Reasons to choose TheGis

Easy no hassle exchange for false products and 1 year guarantee for domestic customers

Our products are 100% IBJJF approval and has been in IBJJF competition by professional athlete

UV resistance is defined as the ability of a material to resist ultra violet (UV) light or sunlight