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Custom Belt Design

Custom Belt Design

Your Belt - Your Vibe - Your Design

Normaly people do not care much about the belt because they only think of a belt as a rank and a must have item to showcase their rank. But with TheGis we think the belt is much more than that, our mission is to empower our customer to stand out and be different from the crowd, give our customer a sense of exclusiveness is a plan that we have prepared for a while. With TheGis the customer has the option to custom and adjust the belt on how they would like it to look like. Because of that TheGis have design a step by step guide to build your “Battle accessory”. 

Handmade with specialized machine and a team of workers with more than 15 years of making Jiu-Jitsu Gi and Belt, we assure you that our belt will surprise you with our quality and craftsmanship. 

5 Steps to bring your essence to life.

1. Thickness and weight of the belt?

At TheGis we have 2 choices of belt for you to choose depend on your request 

  1. If you are a regular Jiu-Jitsu practitioner then the PREMIUM belt which is Thick, heavy and durable would be ideal for your everyday training, a thick and fit belt helps you to cover your Gi comfortably and easier to break the grips during everyday sparring.
  2. A STANDARD belt with a medium thickness however will be a better tool for IBJJF competitors due to it being lightweight, the athlete will don't have to cut extra weight of the belt and keep their body at their best active state.

2. Belt color

Beside the Jiu-Jitsu belt, TheGis can also make all sorts of belts like: Aikido, Karate, Vovinam, Judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido and more. Please contact us to know more about details

3. Fonts

An embroidered belt not just makes you stand out and easier to recognize in the crowd, it is also your own essence and by choosing the right fonts, it will make your belt a unique product that is custom made just for you.

Beside the Font above, TheGis can also embroider with the Font you request with reasonable price, Please contact us for more detail.

4. Icon

A good icon, logo or crest and custom font is a great combination for your belt that will make it pop and differecenate you with the rest of your teammate, beside the image provided below TheGis can also make an icon upon your request, so please feel free to contact us to have a quotation about Custom image embroidery.

Jiu-Jitsu is well known by the name of The Human Chess, the coincidence  is that every belt rank and color is similar to the value of each chess piece. Because of that Thegis have designed an Iconic set of chess ranked belt that match with the value of each chess piece.

  1. White belt - Pawn - 1 point
  2. Blue belt - Knight - 3 points 
  3. Purple belt - Bishop - 3.5 points
  4. Brown belt - Brook - 5 points 
  5. Black belt - Queen - 9 points
  6. Red belt - King - ??? points  

Beside we also have a list of random Icon for you to choose. 

Beside the image on this website TheGis can also make the custom design that you requested!

5. Thread color

After choosing all the custom option above you will have a list like this: 

  1. Belt type: Premium belt 
  2. Belt color: White
  3. Font: 001 - Embroidered Lucas
  4. Icon: C-B3 and Icon Brazil flag 
  5. Thread color: 008

After payment has been transferred, a mockup of a belt will be sent to you before TheGis starts to make it. 


For example the belt above will have the price of 700,000vnd - around 31 usd for a custom belt!

Depend on how much you would like to custom we will have a reasonable quotation for you, starting price from only 600,000vnd - 27 usd for a traditional name embroidered belt. 

If you have any creative idea that is not in the format above, please feel free to contact us through our Fanpage TheGis: please tell us about your idea and we will figure out a way to bring your idea to life!

Phone: +84 937 245 575 ( Zalo, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber ) 



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