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TheGis material

TheGis Material for Jiu-Jitsu Gi competition

1. Traditional Jiu-Jitsu fabrics 100% IBJJF approved:

Competition Gi: A competition Gi is the most basic Jiu Jitsu Gi, can be use for both training and competition, the material itself is thick and strong, competition gi have 3 main colors approved by big BJJ competition is Black, Blue and White

 Jackets fabrics 100% IBJJF Approved

Our white fabric is as White as any other gis on the market (Milky White) the yellow shade is because of yellow light using during taken this photo.

Pant fabrics 100% IBJJF Approved:

2. Travel gi (not IBJJF approved)

Travel Gi Fabric: This fabric is super lightweight and dries quickly which makes it very convenient for those who travel and enjoy the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. Travelling and rolling, what else could be better, right? Because it is so light, it makes it easier to carry around and now you will never have to worry about your luggage being over-weight or being charged extra fees at the airport. Since it also dries really fast, you will never have to miss a day of training because of a wet.

*Only availbable in Black and White and You will not be allow to use this fabric for big competition like IBJJF, DUMAU, IJJF

 3. Training gi (not IBJJF approved):

Training fabric: We use our local market to find this nice and comfort fabric with reasonable price and can be used for daily training, it is very similar to the travel gi from other brand (ripstop, twill) so there is no gi pattern on the fabric, however it also strong and durable. Note: You will not be allowed to use this fabric for big competition like IBJJF, DUMAU, IJJF because of their rules, we have many different colors for you to experience, just pick the one you like the most!




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