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Release date: 9th November 2019

Code: JB-T1


  • Jacket and Pant: 280gsm Crystal Weave - 95% polyester 5% cotton .

  • Black stitches

  • Decorative layer: HV001

  • Custom Embroidery Patch

  • Double arm sleeve pad with Gis fabric

  • Double knee pad

  • Tripple Leg sleeve pad with Gis fabric

  • Weave Labe


Release date: 22th November 2019



  • Jacket: Black 400gsm single weave - 100% cotton

  • Pant: Black 400gsm twill weave - 100% cotton

  • Reinforce stitches on Arm pit and pant crutch

  • 6 holes string strap

  • Double knee pad

  • Curve jacket flap style

  • No core pant string

  • Direct embroidery

  • Decorative layer: HV011

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