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Vietnamese Tiger Short Sleeve Compression Rashguard

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Vietnamese Tiger Short Sleeve Compression Rashguard is designed with a tight fit with good stretch offering you maximum supports when training. Which puts pressure on your muscles to improve blood circulation and a better supply of Oxygen.

Form-Fitting Tight Layer Fits As A Second Skin protect you from Cuts or scrapes. A big print of the 'Tiger General' drawing creates create unique looks for different outfits.

Lightweight & quick dry: this fabric is made from 95% Poly, and 5% Spandex. This fabric is breathable, light, and sturdy, which helps absorb moisture and keep your body out of the humidity.

Multi-Use: It's so versatile for most outdoor and indoor activities like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, workouts, surfing, and a huge variety of sports.

Customer Reviews

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Orville herry
Great fit, quality material

This rash guard hugs me closely like a mild compression shirt but not uncomfortably tight. The material is very soft and light. Feels like quality. I got a lot of compliments as I came to Gym while wearing this shirt. I will be buying more TheGis wear in the future.

P. Wiklanski
Great shirt, better company

This shirt is amazing! The material quality is great. The fit and compression are great. And that artwork? Wow! Everyone who sees this shirt thinks its awesome.

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